I was born in Appalachia (pronounced like I'm throwin' an "apple-at-cha"). I provided the pronunciation "case y'aint fr'm round'ear." :0)

As a Kentucky mountain boy, I was surrounded by folk craft and a deep level of ingenuity that was baked into the soul of the people. There wasn't money to buy it, whatever "it" was...so we figured it out.

Dad taught me to build a fire and cut firewood. Mom taught me to take any material and make something out of it. We did traditional knitting, crocheting and macramé but also made fun crafts out of egg cartons, little jars, popcorn and pinecones. This instilled in me the knack for taking a raw material and making it what I imagined it to be.

As stories go, I grew up, moved away and became an executive in the human resources department of the USPS over some HR functions for the state of Tennessee and about 13,000 employees.

I became very uncomfortable where I was and began to ask God what more was out there. As goofy as this is going to sound to some of you, I felt God told me He was in the woodshop and wanted me there with him. I desperately wanted a change and wanted to get back to making things with my hands. I also wanted more than anything to be at peace and I knew peace for my wife, Loral and I would be following God's path.

Papa's Woodshop was born, Papa being the affectionate name I call God, and I built all kinds of stuff out of wood--furniture, cutting boards, yard dice, wall art and then...

My friend, Robert, that owns Camp Chet with his wife, Ruth, asked me if I had ever made any chainsaw bears. Would I like to try? YES! Of course, I would.

My first bear took two months as I worked on it off and on. I didn't know much about chainsaws and had never produced 3D art sculptures out of wood. Now I can whip out a simple bear in about an hour but what a difficult journey it has been.

Since that first try, I have gotten the privilege of carving owls, eagles, wolves, cats, a dog, faces in a tree, racoons in a tree and am currently working on a capybara and an osprey.

Since this is so satisfying--to start with firewood and end with an animal--I decided I wanted to teach this to others so they could feel the joy and satisfaction like I do when they create a sculpture with a chainsaw. That is when Chainsaw Art Guy was born.

Currently there is a beginners course here on this website and the second course is being shot. The plan is to release at least one new course each month so you can do this yourself.

Happy Carving...and always "be a cut above!"

Seth Pepoon

Chainsaw Art Guy